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My vision is to create a Afrocentric Education Company, that focuses on the urgent need in the black communities worldwide. Not only will there be great books but there will also be a vast array of educational learning materials, such has games, animation movies, toys, etc. “Nuzi Corporation” will become a house hold name that will deliver top quality work. Hope you’re ready…


We received the book in the mail today. The illustrations are beautiful and the way you tell Queen Nzingha’s story is wonderful and very engaging. We LOVE it
Thanks so MUCH!

~Yaa Bangolame


I don’t have small children anymore, I enjoyed this for myself. I know it was for children,BUT , WOW
I want to see more.

~Natalie Olson

This is Kevonna’s daughter, Vivianna. I’m ten years old. My siblings and I LOVE these videos, and we really want you to make more about other amazing people in African history! Thank you so MUCH!

Kevonna Jones Tandon

What an awesome testimony of strength, intuition and determination! Thank you for your dedication to telling stories of inspiration for our people.

Yaminah S. Jackson

Thank You! I look forward to more. Waiting in anticipation.

Terri Kitchen

My name is Dela, I'm a community organizer and new coming author in Toronto. I'm a practicing martial
artist in kickboxing and hold a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I'm also pursuing journalism which
complements my love for research and truth seeking.
Knowledge isn't power anymore, knowledge applied is power. It's our responsibility to increase our
individual power in a way that benefits the wider community. The more we can empower ourselves, the
more positions we have to help empower others. Collective power is how we can bind together, and
create a nucleus of solutions for the Black community. Individual cells make tissue, tissues make vital
organs. In order for the system to work, individual cells have to be healthy. Knowledge must be applied
to keep our individual mind, body and soul healthy for the community.
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