For many parents, homeschooling is a topic that they never would entertain because we have been socially engineered to think we are incapable to educate our children. Yes, it may seem to be overwhelming and if you think so, hopefully by the time you have read thru to the end you will change your mind.

1. Teach them about their true history and not lies of someone else’s (His Story)

2. Allowing our children to become avid readers while being engaged and entertained at the same time with a variety of books and other learning materials that show a reflection of self …

3. We as parents are all aware of the disproportionate discipline of children of African descent compared to other ethnicities, this will leave many children to dissociate in the classroom setting and can you blame them?

4. Homeschooling reinforces that each child is loved while allowing them to love and believe in themselves and overcome inadequate thinking.

5. Showing our daughters and sons that there is a vast amount of opportunities available to them allows them to know that they are as capable as anyone else.

6. Showing a child positive attention with patience while assuring them that it’s OK to make mistakes allows them to trust and have confidence in themselves and strive for more.

7. Teach every child economics, entrepreneurship, and the law, which places them at an advantage you won’t find in Public Elementary Schools. Plant the seed earlier.

8. Homeschool children are more advanced than the average Elementary Public School. Why? Because the children are in a loving and caring environment where they are comfortable and are seeing a self-image that they are important and they do matter.

9. The Colonial Educational curriculum is failing our children and not teaching them about self and cultural identity, whether by default or by design. I choose to believe in the latter of the two.

10. With COVID rearing its’ ugly head, it is far safer to teach our children at home and if this is difficult, search on social media platforms, blog posts, word of mouth, seek out other people you may know who are also networking. Work together and form an alliance within your community, help each other, or be the one to start something online. All you have to do is take the initiative and everything else will follow.

As parents of African descent, we must protect our children from the ill effects of racism as it continues to manifest itself in today schools; whether it’s the curriculum that makes us irrelevant or misrepresents us that makes us really know nothing about ourselves as African people that makes us hate ourselves and despise Africa because of the way Africa is presented to them in the classrooms or not presented to them in the classroom.

It makes no difference how much you know or has memorized about someone else’s history. In order for our children to be truly educated they must learn about themselves. They must know their land of Ancestry and they must know their history; if not then they are not truly educated.

This causes a major problem to what is taking place in the educational system in the classrooms across North American schools. Recognizing that African history, a great Dynasty, has the longest history in the world and yet our children are only getting the bits and pieces when compared to European History are very discerning.

The common debate with regards to a blanket statement that all parents who are of African descent do not show interest in their child’s academic success and don’t attend their children’s parent meetings could not be any further from the truth with regards to many parents.

Keep in mind the mere fact that a parent has taken on such a huge responsibility is no easy task. What does this show? This shows that there is a large percentage of parents who do not fall into the negative stereotype and debunks the idea that parents of African descent don’t give a damn.

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