About Us

Children of African descent in North America are too often led to believe that their history began with slavery.

If your children learn and believe that their ancestors started out as slaves, being dominated and oppressed, this will unconsciously prepare your children for a life of subjugation rather than liberation. Your children will not take a stand and own their rightful place in the society. Your children will view life from a deficit and not develop their God-given potential.

We started Nzuri Books in 2016 to educate Black children about their deep and rich legacy.

Do you have any idea about all these African Queens and Kings, Scientists and Scholars who immensely contributed to the world?

Without the proper nourishment, a tree can never grow, the branches will all become brittle, brake and die. Raising a child is like growing a tree;

We strongly believe that when children are rooted in their historical cultural memory they are able to fulfill their promise and live their true genius.

Desree Crooks was born in Birmingham, England to newly migrated Jamaican parents, who worked hard to ensure she understood who she was and instilled in her, her true African identity.  After a few short years in England Desree moved to Canada where she attended high school and pursued a music career, but later realized that was not her true calling.

As a young lady she knew she had stories locked inside her, like Nzingha.  After many years of honing her craft and dealing with life issues she is finally able to walk her path.  She now lives in Etobicoke, Ontario with her beautiful daughter Zenobia.



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