An old wise man was seated on a rock.  Standing before him, stood 3 young boys.  The 3 boys had been fighting and arguing with each other.  The old wise man questioned the boys as to why they were fighting.  The boys could not answer the question and so they stood in silence. As they all stood before the old man they held their heads down with shame and embarrassment for their behavior.

After a few moments, the old wise man motioned to one of the boys to hand him his cane that had been resting against a rock close to where the old man was seated.  The boy did as was asked and handed the old man his cane.  As the old man proceeded to stand up and leaned on the cane for support, the old man then pushed the cane away and fell down to the ground.

All 3 boys rallied around the old man and helped him back up onto his feet.  One of the boys reached over for the cane and handed it back to the old man.

As all 4 began to walk, the old man continued to talk. “All of you are like my cane.  I lean on my cane for support, as all 3 of you must lean on each other, but first, you must learn how to lean on yourself. Respect each other as you would want to be respected, love each other as you would want to be loved, trust each other as you would want to be trusted, help each other as you would want to be helped and if you can do all these things and more, you will be able to walk a thousand miles together and journey will be much easier…”

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