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What inspired you to write this story?

To be honest, I really think this story chose me. I was going through a lot of obstacles in my personal life when It then dawned on me, just like in the story, Nzingha was faced with a far more challenging journey than myself, but she faced it dead on and overcame them. Originally, the purpose of this story was to teach our children about their diverse history, to show them that their history doesn’t begin with slavery.  With self-determination, love for themselves and the list goes on then can reclaim their former glory.  I feel this path that I’m about to embark on is much bigger than me and I hope I will be able touch children around the world.

What made you want to take on a project like this?

Well! I see where there is an urgent need in the black community with our children with regards to knowing their history, being proud of their history and of course being proud of themselves. The sad reality is, too many of our children think their history began with slavery and the school system in North America, choose to be ill equipped when teaching our children, the truth about their African roots.   We can’t expect others to educate our children, when it comes to their history. It’s our duty, to do right by them.  I want to be a part of the solution and not just standby talking. Time for talking is overplayed and making a change is long overdue.

How long did, this entire project take you to complete?

The book itself took me approximately one month to write, but the actual completion of all the pictures for the book took a couple of months. The video took approx.3 1/2 to 4 years

Why did the video take so long?

One word, FINANCE…

How did you fund this project?

I did it out of my own pocket and with the help of family and friends, people saw what I was trying to do and jumped in to help.  I couldn’t have done this without their support

Why did you choose to write the book as an illustrated novel?

Lets face it, some children just don’t like to read, I wanted to capture their attention with a great story, with bright and beautiful pictures, while showing them a positive reflection of the themselves.  And it’s working.

What age group is this book geared towards?

7 to 12 years of age, but I have had adults purchase this book for themselves, because they wanted to learn about Nzingha.  I even have had parents buy this book for their children under 7 years and the feedback from the parents with regards to their children’s reaction was amazing

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