I  will start by saying, always remember God, Allah, the Creator, whatever title you choose to give to the Supreme Deity, the all knowing, every present omniscient One.  The Supreme Being does not make mistakes. We live in a society, whereas, if you are not blond with blue eyes and fair skin then you are not considered beautiful. WHAT A LIE! WHAT IDIOTIC NONSENSE! But the crazy thing is, there are people who buy into this nonsense and the most unfortunate and dangerous thing is they teach their children to believe in the lie.



The human body is electrical we are made  of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and about 102 Minerals..
…the only thing that produces electricity in the world… is the friction between copper & carbon… your Pineal gland (carbon), cerebral cortex (copper) create a resonance (deep sound) from their friction between one another which gives you consciousness (life).. skin color is due to the concentration of carbon within your biology….

Which simply means the more carbon present the darker the skin..Isn’t this some powerful stuff?

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Like I said before the Creator does not make mistakes.  People with blue or lighter colored eyes are known to be more sensitive to bright light than people with darker eyes because their eyes have less pigment to reflect or block the light from the retina.

So! let’s go back the more carbon present in the human body the darker the skin, eye color, hair color, etc.
The African hair comes in all texture, tight curls, loose curls, woolly, silky, straight, such an array of beauty, but so many choose to cover it up, damaging the gifts that we were blessed with, destroying that which makes us so special and different from the rest.

Our hair is our antenna connecting us to the Creator or the Cosmos. Our hair connects us to the mother land, the birth place of all civilization. This may sound crazy to the average person, but please don’t take my word for it research the information and read for yourself. What are we teaching or telling our children?

Mothers, we are supposed to be our children’s first teachers, they are watching us, mimicking us, copying us. Sisters, for those of you, who wear the fake hair or weaves, even though you may choose not to put this in your daughter’s hair, until they reach a certain age, YOU, are wearing it.

Your daughters are taking a mental note. How can you tell them, they are beautiful, pretty or cute, with their natural hair and wanting them to accept themselves? but YOU do not. What kind of mixed up and confusing message are you sending to your daughters?

Do as I say, but not as I do? When your daughter looks at you they see that which is not real, they may not be equipped with right words to ask how come you say I am beautiful with my natural hair, but for you to be beautiful you wear something that is not real. So, they stare at you and before you know it, they are copying you and wanting to look like you and wanting the fake hair like you and denying their own beauty like you.

Now please don’t get me wrong this doesn’t apply to all the sisters, because there are plenty of sisters who are awake or waking up, but for those of you who are addicted, you know who you are and the first step to recovery is to admit that there is a problem or maybe even a self-hate as to why you deny one of the most sacred gifts, bestowed upon you by the Creator.

Sisters we are so blessed and unique, it long overdue, we must embrace our beauty and teach our daughters the same.

Look in the mirror and remember the Creator does not make mistakes.

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