No one is exempted from life’s trials and tribulations.  And there are many times in what may seem like a major disappointment, is actually a blessing in disguise.  I would like to share my beautiful experience with you.

Since the beginning of 2018, this has been a trying year for me in more ways than one, to say the least.  There have been so many unexpected changes that I didn’t see coming and sometimes it has been extremely overwhelming.

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, I was talking to a friend on my cell phone.  While on the phone, another call was coming in.  I looked at the number and didn’t recognize the area code neither did I recognize that particular number and contemplated to myself as to whether I should have answered the incoming call or not.  I decided the latter of the two and told my friend to hold on for a sec. and transferred over to the other line.

On the opposite end, was the voice of a little girl, at first I thought it was my grand niece, but as the little girl continued to talk I realized I didn’t have a clue as to who this child was or why she was calling me.  I then thought, maybe this little girl dialed my number by mistake.  A couple minutes passed and then I heard the voice of her mother.  The timing could not have come at a better moment.

You see, the conversation I was having with my friend earlier before I was pleasantly interrupted was with regards to my business, my writing skills and all the ups and downs I was and is currently going through at this particular crossroad in my life.  As I was talking to my best friend, I was quietly thinking to myself where do I go from here and shortly after that thought, that is when the incoming call came.

The mother of the child introduced herself to me as Dominique.  As Dominique began to explain why she was calling, she told me she was reading my book to her daughter and that her daughter was so excited and wanted to talk to the author.  Dominique complemented me on my work and told me that her daughter loved the story and all the beautiful pictures in the books.  Dominique also thanked me for writing this story and told me her daughter was learning so much about  Nzingha and to continue writing because it is so needed in our community and she was looking forward to reading my other upcoming books.

I was so filled with emotions while talking to Dominique that is hard to put into words.  All I know is by having this precious little angel ask her mommy to call me was confirmation from the Creator that I am on the right track, doing something good for our community and for the world to see.

What I am learning from this entire ordeal is to trust and keep it moving.  There are times when I have asked the questions out loud, why or what is that I am missing or what are you trying to tell me?  All the answers are there in front of me. In the silence are the answers.  I only have to listen.

The little girl’s name is Daye.  Her mother explained why they named her Daye, she said, “Each day is a gift from God, and Daye was their little blessing”.

Thank you so much, my beautiful innocent little angel, for delivering the message and yes each and every day is a blessing from the Creator and I was truly blessed to be reminded by you…



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