How many of you have ever heard of this awesome warrior named Nzingha? Well! If you haven’t heard of her before, strap yourselves in, because I’m going to take you on an incredible journey.


Nzingha was born around 1583. She was born in the magnificent Kingdom of Ndongo. Her father’s name was Ndambi Kiluanji and he was the Ngola of this beautiful land, Ngola in her language means King, Ruler or Leader. Her mother’s name was Kangela.

And even though Nzingha was the eldest child of all her siblings, she was not permitted to sit on the throne, because she was a female, so her younger brother took the throne, but only for a short while until his death. Even after his death, the elders still debated as to whether Nzingha would be allowed to take the throne. Everyone knew and saw the love she had for her people, there was no denying this, but the elders still remained divided.

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When Nzingha was born her umbilical was wrapped around her neck. This was considered a sign of good luck amongst her people and was called Kujinga, which means to twist and turn. As a child, it was prophesied that one day she would be the ruler of the Mdundu Kingdom. When Nzingha was a little a girl she was a real tom boy, she could hold her own no matter the situation, she was as brave, as fast and as clever as any other little boy in the Kingdom.

Even though Nzingha could not take the throne, she still remained her father’s favorite child. Her younger half- brother Mbandi, and being the eldest son was first in line. Nzingha had no love for her brother and she had no problem showing it, there was a lot of sibling rivalry between the two and she did not trust him either. She was smarter, faster and far more equipped and intelligent to take on the role a Ngola, but her silly little brother took the throne first because he was a boy. Nzingha had two trusted sisters Kifunji and Makambu whom she loved dearly. All three sisters were very close even until the end.

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