Hey! Look at Me – for Boys (Bi-lingual)

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This is a great little book for boys. Empowerment is the key.  Imagine your child loving their reflection of what they see. Start them off on the right foot.  Not only is this a delightful book to read, but it is also educational and entertaining at the same time.  Enjoy!


4 reviews for Hey! Look at Me – for Boys (Bi-lingual)

  1. Alyxia St Hilaire

    Great book! My son is 2 and my daughter is 6. She reads the book to him and he tries to read along. The song that goes with the book is the so catchy that it was easy for both my kids to pick it up!

  2. Zamani Ra

    My son is now 9. When he was younger we read Nzingha. We really enjoyed that book and definitely liked these new books as well.

  3. Leroy

    The books at great all kids should have 1. Keep up the good works.

  4. Germaine

    My daughter uses this book in a bi-lingual, multi-cultural classroom in Paris. Both boys and girls love Hey, Look at Me! -for Boys. Buy it now for your children or students.

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