Hey! Look at Me – for Girls

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This is a beautifully illustrated bi-lingual [English & French] toddlers book that teaches self love and confidence. you also get a FREE coloring book.



This is a beautifully illustrated toddlers book that will allow each and every little girl to see the princess staring right back when looking in the mirror.

Not only will this book teach them self love and confidence but it will allow them to see beauty within while being entertained at the same time.

4 reviews for Hey! Look at Me – for Girls

  1. amenrah

    Got this book for my little girl and she loved it so much. We has a parent have forgotten about positive reinforcement and what a difference is can make in child live. I have heard about the movie Nzingha the Great Warrior Princess, it is a definitely must watch.


  2. Alyxia St Hilaire

    Absolutely love and recommend this book to all little girls! My daughter adores it and teaches all her friends the sing along song! It’s easy to read and follow along from a young age!

  3. Milli

    My little one enjoy reading this book by herself. she enjoys it how she gets to express herself and if she feels like it is her and she talks about it everyday. I like that the book is written in different languages. Easy to read, easy to follow along the pictures It’s a it’s a wonderful book. I encourage everyone get a copy for your child, your grandchild. It’s diversity it is written for both boys and girls. HAPPY READING AND ENJOY!!!!

  4. Clarice

    Great , beautiful and self confident book .I purchase 3 for my 2 nieces and nephew and they are loving it .great investment reccomend for all boys and girls

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