The educational curriculum in the North American school system is highly Eurocentric, this is an educational system that was created mostly for European children. Over the past 20 to 30 years, there has been an influx of children of African descent from the West Indies, Central America and Africa itself, just to name a few.

If we are going to harp on the name, title or whatever one may choose to call it, “multiculturalism, minorities, people of color, or my personal favorite, brown people, etc.”, one cannot use this noun whenever they see fit or whenever they may feel it suit the so called right situation. Let’s be fair, there must be an equal reflection or representation within the school system, that reaches everyone and not only certain students.

How on earth can one expect, children of African descent to be fully engaged, when they are not learning about themselves, their history, their culture or even seeing a reflection of themselves in the books they are reading? Everyone knows the first step to learning begins with images, even as adults this is still a learning technique.

When parent entrust the minds of their beautiful, innocent babies to the teachers in our school system, it is incumbent on that teacher to be fair with the curriculum across the broad, but this can only be achieved, if there is a diversity with the learning tools, that are provided in the schools. All children must have equal opportunity and not just some.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it is only the teacher’s responsibility, because it’s not, the parents must to play an active role and get involved on order to bring about a change.

Let’s address some serious facts. For some this may be scary to admit, but after 2 decades of intense research of Statistic Canada census data, conducted by Ana Ferrer from University of Waterloo and Alicia Adsera from Princeton University, they arrived to the conclusion that there is a huge gap with regards to a higher birthrate from new immigrants arriving into Canada, from places such as Africa, Pakistan and India, whereas the lower birthrate are from Europe, the U.S and East Asia.

There is a demographic shift taking place in north America. For children of African descent to assimilated into this society, it is extremely important to equip them with the skills needed to take their rightful place in a country of which they call home.

Some may argue, that the reason they are not educating children of African descent to the best of their ability is due to the fact, that, if you give them too much ammunition, it can be a dangerous thing. You can read between the lines. Others may suggest, there just may not be enough funding in the public-school system to purchase the necessary equipment and more books. Wherever you choose to stand on this topic, there is one thing for sure, we all can agree upon, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

To some parents, it is your duty to put away the video games, stop using the television as a babysitter, put down those cell phones, most of the time, it’s only idle gossip anyway. Take the time to teach your child how to read, count, etc. Develop additional learning games with your child, allow them to be a part of that creativity.

Encourage your babies to ask questions, when in doubt. Spend more quality time with them. Pick up a book and read to them. Teach them about how great their history truly is, this in turn will give them a sense of pride and with that knowledge allow them to take a productive position in their home, they refer to as Canada. Knowing yourself and where you come from build confidence and character.

No more excuses ….

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