The family is the foundation of any society.  Here, in North America, the     divorce rate is on a rampage. What message are we indirectly sending to our children?  We have adopted a certain way of thinking that is not of our culture

There is no such thing as the “perfect” family.

Every family comes with ups and downs, arguing, fussing, fighting, love, loyalty, trust, etc…  But no matter what, at the end of the day, family is family.

The family unit is extremely important. I wonder how many people are fully aware, as to just how important the family unit really is. Think about it for a second:  If it weren’t so important, why would one set of people do everything in their power to prevent another set of people from keeping the family unit intact? And, as if that was not enough, we as a people are also faced with a tremendous amount of other challenges, making it that more difficult to cope with everyday life.

In my opinion, by not having the support and camaraderie of family, as well as the positivity that comes with it, it is nothing short of disastrous. The family unit allows our children to have a sense of direction, while encouraging them in self-confidence, love, and an array of other positive qualities.  Without the family, it can sometimes keep some of us stagnant, wondering, wishing, hoping…and for others, it can sometimes keep them broken.

One may read this and say, “But, my family is so dysfunctional”.  My response to that is, “Name a functional family”.

The family unit is the life and blood of our people and it is what would bring about a real change.  Not every man fits the stereotype of being missing-in-action, when raising their child.  There are plenty of beautiful young, middle-aged, and older couples that are going against the status quo, with regards to keeping the family unit together.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I am fully aware of the flip-side of that coin, too.

There is a desperate need in our community for us, being of African descendant, to keep the family unit together.  Our children’s lives depend on it!

Before our ancestors were kidnapped and brought to this stolen land, family meant everything.  To carry on the family name was that of honor, love, and respect.  This beautiful tradition was stripped from us, but that doesn’t mean it is dead and buried.  It is still part of who we are as a people.  It is in our DNA, just lying dormant in some.  We must awaken that sleeping giant within, if not for us, then for our children’s sake.

We are such a beautiful race of people, regardless of what others may think or say.  It is imperative for us to see the beauty within ourselves, because this will allow our children to see the beauty in themselves. Allowing this positive energy to circulate, means it will circulate around our children.  It’s contagious and that’s a remarkable thing


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